Our Services

Commercial Maintenance

We never forget that we are in the service industry. To insure our customers of the best service, we provide our clients with quality communications, along with excellent service. When additional needs arise, we are able to address the issue at hand in a timely manner.

Landscape Construction

We have the experience and capacity to handle any size and scope of project. California Landscapes & Management provides not only quality, but emphasize coordination and teamwork with other on-site contractors to assure that project delivery dates are achieved in a safe manner.

Water Management

California Landscapes & Management is committed to practicing ater-saving measures to conserve water supply while maintaining nature's beauty. There are many ways we can retrofit your current irrigation system to help you reduce water usage, and save you money by taking advantage of water conservation rebates.

Special Landscaping Services

In addition to maintenance and construction services, California Landscapes & Management provides a full range of additional services to enhance your property.